Headed East alone. No contacts, no money, no plans. Bern, Switzerland – July 15th

Lyon was really great. A secret little busking place, I think. I played daily in Vieux Lyon and at a big weekly market in Croix-Rousse. I sold a lot of CDs and made many more. Not sure the next time I will be able to make CDs. I have no contacts from here on out, really. 

I love Lyon, I ate great Lyonaisse (the best in France, they say) and other French foods. Andatouille (sp?), cassoulet, and real foie gras. I hung out a lot at this English pub called Paddy’s Corner and played a show there one night. Sold 2 CDs and got 2 pints of strong beer out of it. It was rally great to hang out with Antoine and relax/ drink for 5 days. I also saw the Tour de France! It went right by Paddy’s in Croix-Rousse. 

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I blew pretty much all my money on taking trains to Bern instead of hitchhiking. I didn’t want to try cross the Swiss border hitching because they wouldn’t let a friend of mine in when they saw him doing it a couple years ago. I got to Geneva by train, took a lap around the city and decided to get back on the train. I got to Bern around 11pm, walked around a litle, took the #12 bus to the end of the line and passed out in a bush behind a maintenance shed on a university campus. Thankfully I had some scotch Antoine had filled my flask with to help me sleep. I woke up around 6am and there were students walking around everywhere, but I think I played it off pretty gracefully..

So, now I am in Bern. Not many Euros, not in a country that uses Euros anyway, and not sure where I can busk without getting shutdown. I have heard stories of cops being really hard on buskers here, taking their instruments like they would in Barcelona. I have half of a baguette that I bought in France where they are much cheaper. 

Anita just gave me a possible contact here. Stefan at a video store called “Dr. Strangelove.” Hopefully they can put me up a night, tell me where to busk, or where to hitch out. I’m not sure if I am going to go East into Austria or North into Germany, hit Munich, and go around the Alps into Vienna. Or I may skip Vienna. German Chris still hasn’t gotten back to me about it and I feel like I am running out of time, like I need to prioritize. Either way I need to get out of Switzerland. It is so expensive here, and I just feel uncomfortable. So many malls and posh stores, everything is just so smashable.

Trying to stay positive, landscape is beautiful, the river is beautiful, super clean, people speak English. I have a contact, maybe. Everything is good. 

Damn, I left my toothbrush at Antoine’s. 



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