Europe pt. 1

Summer ’13 I left ‘merica for Europe. It was my first time ever leaving the United States after having travelling a good bit of it for the last year and a half or so. I showed up in Paris on June 7 with $200 and a new banjo and started hitching around.


On with it then..

New Orleans 5/6/13

It’s May 6th on Spain St. in New Orleans. It’s hot as hell. We are all laid about, so ready to leave. I’ve been worn out, strung out, hard drinking, and working at a yuppie cafe in the Bywater that drives me crazy. The work is easy, the staff is cool, and the pay has afforded me rent, grass and booze, a brand new plectrum, and a plane ticket to Paris and back, but the customers are just the worst people on the planet, I hate working in open kitchens.  Needless to say I’m ready to split, get away from the job, away from the city, away from the heat.

too much nola


I’ve been here since New Year’s Eve and I’ve got about a month left. It has been a dark time. I witness depravity on a scale I was not aware existed. The sort of street crawling depravity  I thought only a special few of us were blessed with. I guess there are more than I thought, and they are in New Orleans. Still, I love it here. I’ll be back when I get back from Europe.

New York City 6/6/13

I ❤ NY.

I really do. As far as a metropolis is concerned I think I prefer it to the Bay Area. Culturally, architecturally, and geographically. It is fucking expensive, but I made great money busking at Grand Central Station. One day when I was hanging out with Watkins we went and hung out with some well-to-do folks out of the city who live in the house that John Lennon and Yoko owned and where John supposedly wrote “Imagine.”


So now I am sitting at JFK with Chatman waiting for our flight to Paris. Just as when I left New Orleans I feel strangely calm. I’ve never left the country, much less crossed an ocean to the other side of the world. Why don’t I get excited about anything anymore?

Never too late

Never too late

I’ve had a little trouble sleeping and feeling a little sick, but I’ve also been staying pretty drunk to remedy that. I did great busking. I made enough money to eat out 3-4 times a day, have coffee, and get drunk at night. Plus I bought some last minute supplies and saved a little. I’m not going to Paris with much cash, so I hope this works out! I have two gigs and a house show that Ony and her friend Damien set up as soon as I get there, so I ain’t sweatin it much.

My voice is shot from goin hard in NYC, so I may not busk in Paris.


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